Secrets For Learning a Language Fast in 3 to 5 Months

I’ve been traveling in Europe for the last 6 months already and learned that it’s very hard to live anywhere that you do not know the language. Originally I was thinking of going to Poland to study, but after much thought I changed my mind because I’m tired of living in the east of Europe. It’s poor throughout, even though Poland is a bit better. Things are … read more

Storing My Luggage In Hungary To Free Up For More Traveling

I took the picture in Rijeka, Croatia at the top of the Trsat Castle. It’s out of season so I got to go up all my myself and see the amazing view. That canal looking thing is a river that flows through the city, and the name “Rijeka” in Croatian means “The River”. That’s why! I didn’t realize there was a river going through the city until … read more

My Experience In Lithuania – A Poor Country With Nice People

Let’s talk about my real-life impressions of Lithuania and some of my experiences there. I started my journey up in Lithuania, and my plan was to apply for a university there, and start in the Spring. There is just one good university that I could apply for there that allows starting a Master’s degree in the Spring semester, but I wasn’t sold on the university, and there … read more

How To Become A Digital Nomad

Becoming a digital nomad could help you achieve the freedom you always dreamed of. But a nomad life is not for everyone. Being a digital nomad could mean a lot of personal sacrifices to achieve this freedom. If you have a family, it could be even more difficult. But the first step to becoming a digital nomad is to be able to work remotely. Of course, this … read more

How Did I Achieve The Dream Of Traveling And Moving Abroad?

I am currently traveling through Europe looking for a home. How did I get here? It’s a long story, but it all starts with years ago when I decided I wanted to move to Europe. I had been considering moving abroad for a long time, in fact I felt called to be a missionary. However, things did not work out as planned. 2020 hit and the world … read more

Plan A Mock Move As A Test Run Before A Big Move | Long Distance Moving Tips

I’ve now been traveling around the world for some time. While I have moved cross-country in the United States several times over the years, and learned a lot from those, they did virtually nothing to prepare me for the insane challenges and difficulties with moving overseas. Now that I have moved overseas once, and am about to move to a new country again (for reasons I will … read more