About Me

What is Leaving Rome all about?

Rome is a symbol for western influence all over the world. Leaving Rome is a symbol for leaving the western way of life to create a better life. Stuck in the Matrix, stuck in the grind, it all seemed hopeless. I was not satisfied with my life, and not happy, and I could see the clock ticking away. I had to make a change, and a big change. Moreover, I felt called by God to go overseas, so I am following His leading.

I spent a lot of time and thought considering what to make this about, and why I wanted to make this blog. You see, this is something so different and so new that documenting this for others could change people’s lives, so I want to show others how to do it too.

First of all, I want to document my travels. Moving abroad is extremely difficult and outrageously expensive. This blog will document the truth about the eastern world, as I continue the path less traveled. As far as I know, few people have done my path. Simply leaving everything behind to explore and find a new life and a new place to live, is a journey that I have to pioneer. So, you could even call me a pioneer.

I am doing something no one else has done. There is no precedent for what I am doing. Most people when they move abroad, they have a job, or a spouse, or a few people work remotely, or they go to school. I do not fit into any of these bubbles. The immigration systems of Europe do not have a place for my path, so I have to forge a new one. And this is what I will be documenting, so that you can learn from my experience, my mistakes, and all of the things that I learn, so that if you, too, want to do the same, you will be able to.

This trip is extremely expensive. Far more than I planned, even with extensive budgeting. And part of the reason for that is that I had to come here to find out and see with my own eyes, because there was no path laid out for me. It is a different day and age in history, enabling people like me and possibly you to follow the same path.

So, if you find this blog helpful, please join the club and get lots of benefits, so that I can continue to make great content for you!